Euramax launches EuramaxLab – New specification service website

Euramax has a special position in the world of metal cladding. We are the only coater that does not produce its own panels or profiles. As a premium coater we do supply our materials to benchmark panel and profile manufacturers. With our specialist knowledge of technical paint performance and aesthetic possibilities we are an ideal partner for our customers. On the other hand, supplying a wide range of different panel and profile manufacturers implies that we know something of all the different possibilities in panels and profiles. To support our mission of making the world a better place, we have decided some time ago to launch our own architectural specification team in addition to our account sales team. This specification team offers in-depth knowledge to architects on paint performance and aesthetic possibilities, whilst also offering basic knowledge on panel and profile possibilities. Once architects and building owners are interested in certain solutions, we can bring them in contact with our customers for in-depth details on panel and profile performance. Today, we are launching a new website that extends our specification service. EuramaxLab is our new brand for specification service. is the name of the new website that we have developed. Please visit the site and let us know what you think of it.