Architectural aluminium cladding

Every building is defined by form and design. And every good and memorable architectural design starts with vision and inspiration. Our mission on a daily basis is to color the world of each and every person by giving the people who design and build remarkable buildings inspiration. Inspiration that is based on innovative colors and designs applied with aluminium cladding to different surfaces, from wood, to stone, etc. Our products cover many renowned architectural building projects across the world, from schools to factories of all kinds. We want you to get inspired by them and awake the creativity that is inside you!

Our unique position

Euramax has a special position in the metal cladding industry. Why? Unlike other coil coaters, we are not a part of a aluminium producing mill. We are a specialist painter. Which presents the one thing that differs us from the rest and  gives us a unique position in the market.

Supplying most specialist roof and facade cladding manufacturers, we know a lot about the newest cladding products. Having knowledge of what is possible in different panels and cassettes allows us to offer you contact to the right panel manufacturers. This can be ideal when you search for a specific special panel design but our architectural support office can also bring you in contact with the right installers in regions like Turkmenistan, Japan and New Zealand.


Architectural Support Office


Our support office offers personal assistance on:

  • Architectural specification
  • Free product samples – also visit the products area
  • Custom color and design development
  • Paint types to apply in certain geographical or industrial areas
  • Cladding panels that fit best to your design wishes
  • Contact with the right people at the appropriate cladding manufacturers


The Architectural Support Office can be contacted by phone +31475370341(during office hours) or by e-mail

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