Aluminium coil

Aluminium is the ideal material choice for building cladding. It is known as the material of the future. Aluminium coils are made from bauxite which is one of the earth’s most abundantly available elements because it is mined close to the surface of the Earth. This makes it widely available without endangering the environment for future generations.

Next to this aluminium coils are 100% recyclable without losing quality and recycling is done at only 5% of the energy needed for primary aluminium production. Nowadays, over 95% of the aluminium products is being recycled at the end of its life. Due to this our coated aluminium coil enables high ratings in the building energy efficiency ratings, like LEED and BREEAM. We have a track record of reference projects with high LEED and BREEAM ratings.

Euramax coated aluminium coils

We supply coated aluminium coil since 1969 with the aim to inspire the people who design and build our world with distinctive coated finishes. Proudly, we are also a member of European Coil Coating Association (ECCA). Yearly, we paint over 25.000 km2 of metal coils of which most consists of aluminium.

We are a 100% coil coater and source our bare coils from only the best European aluminium mills. Our coated aluminium coils are available in a wide variety of alloys and strengths, which makes them suitable for any building cladding application. Our aluminium coil widths go from 35 mm up to 2630 mm wide coils. Thickness can vary from 0,3 mm up to 2 mm.

Euramax supplies coated aluminium coil that offers an ultimate combination of aesthetics, functionality and durability for the future.

  • 100% coil coating since 1969
  • Premium European quality
  • Distinctive and customizable color & design finishes


Aluminium coil


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Color possibilities

MirrorLite  Matt
MirrorLite  Bright
AnoMax Ultra Matt  Euras C0 Silver
AnoMax  Silver Euras C0
AnoMax  Silver Bronze Euras C31
AnoMax  Light Bronze Euras C32
AnoMax  Middle Bronze Euras C33
AnoMax  Dark Bronze Euras C34
AnoMax  Black Euras C35
AnoMax Ultra Matt  Silver Bronze Euras C31
AnoMax Ultra Matt  Light Bronze Euras C32
AnoMax Ultra Matt  Euras C33 Middle Bronze
AnoMax Ultra Matt  Dark Bronze Euras C34
AnoMax Ultra Matt  Black Euras C35
AnoMax  Anodized Red Elox
AnoMax Ultra Matt  Anodized Light Gold
AnoMax  Ultra Matt Anodized Autumn
AnoMax  Alnecolan C2 Bronze
AnoMax  Anolok B713 Light Blue Grey
AnoMax Ultra Matt  Anodized Grey Black
EuraTex  Design Mica Glistening Snow
EuraTex Ultra Rough  Frosted Silver Blue
EuraTex  Design Zinc Flowers Gold
EuraTex  Design Slate Stone Black
EuraTex Rough  Signal White
EuraTex Rough  Grey White
EuraTex Rough  Sandstone Beige
EuraTex Rough  Sandstone Yellow
EuraTex Rough  Ivory
EuraTex Rough  Patina Copper
EuraTex Rough  Greenstone
EuraTex Rough  Emerald Blue
EuraTex Rough  Tenzanite Crystal
EuraTex Rough  Ocean Blue
EuraTex Rough  Oxide Matt Red
EuraTex Rough  Garnet Red
EuraTex Rough  Amber
EuraTex Rough  Fire Opal
EuraTex Rough  Corten Red
EuraTex Rough  Corten Light Brown
EuraTex Rough  Corten Dark Brown
EuraTex Rough  Corten Brown
Many more...
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