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Euramax coated aluminium samples

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MirrorLite – Matte
MirrorLite – Bright
AnoMax Ultra Matte – Euras C0 Silver
AnoMax – Silver Euras C0
AnoMax – Silver Bronze Euras C31
AnoMax – Light Bronze Euras C32
AnoMax – Middle Bronze Euras C33
AnoMax – Dark Bronze Euras C34
AnoMax – Black Euras C35
AnoMax Ultra Matte – Silver Bronze Euras C31
AnoMax Ultra Matte – Light Bronze Euras C32
AnoMax Ultra Matte – Euras C33 Middle Bronze
AnoMax Ultra Matte – Dark Bronze Euras C34
AnoMax Ultra Matte – Black Euras C35
AnoMax – Anodized Red Elox
AnoMax Ultra Matte – Anodized Light Gold
AnoMax – Ultra Matte Anodized Autumn
AnoMax – Alnecolan C2 Bronze
AnoMax – B713 Light Blue Grey
AnoMax Ultra Matte – Anodized Grey Black
EuraTex – Design Mica Glistening Snow
EuraTex Ultra Rough – Frosted Silver Blue
EuraTex – Design Zinc Flowers Gold
EuraTex – Design Slate Stone Black
EuraTex Rough – Signal White
EuraTex Rough – Grey White
EuraTex Rough – Sandstone Beige
EuraTex Rough – Sandstone Yellow
EuraTex Rough – Ivory
EuraTex Rough – Patina Copper
EuraTex Rough – Greenstone
EuraTex Rough – Emerald Blue
EuraTex Rough – Tenzanite Crystal
EuraTex Rough – Ocean Blue
EuraTex Rough – Oxide Matte Red
EuraTex Rough – Garnet Red
EuraTex Rough – Amber
EuraTex Rough – Fire Opal
EuraTex Rough – Corten Red
EuraTex Rough – Corten Light Brown
EuraTex Rough – Corten Dark Brown
EuraTex Rough – Corten Brown
EuraTex Rough – Pyrite Matte Silver
EuraTex Rough – Telegrey 2
EuraTex Rough – Agate Grey
EuraTex Rough – Clay
EuraTex Rough – Natural Zinc
EuraTex Rough – Lead
EuraTex Rough – Dark Zinc
EuraTex Rough – Blue Stone
EuraTex Rough – Black Moonstone
EuraTex Rough – Basalt
EuraTex Rough – Granite Matte Black
EuraTex Fine – White
EuraTex Fine – Pure White
EuraTex Fine – Signal White
EuraTex Fine – Grey White
EuraTex Fine – Silver Metallic
EuraTex Fine – Signal Grey
EuraTex Fine – Oyster White
EuraTex Fine – Light Ivory
EuraTex Fine – Ivory
EuraTex Fine – Yellow
EuraTex Fine – Pastel Green
EuraTex Fine – Red
EuraTex Fine – Dark Red
EuraTex Fine – Green Grey
EuraTex Fine – Bottle Green
EuraTex Fine – Aegean Blue
EuraTex Fine – Dark Blue
EuraTex Fine – Chocolate Brown
EuraTex Fine – Orange Brown
EuraTex – Fine Terracotta Orange Brown
EuraTex Fine – Brown
EuraTex Fine – Concrete Light Grey
EuraTex Fine – Grey
EuraTex Fine – Beige Grey
EuraTex Fine – Anthracite Grey
EuraTex Fine – Black
Jeweler Range – Obsessive Pearl
Jeweler Range – Stainless Steel
Jeweler Range – Sterling Silver
Jeweler Range – Samurai Stainless
Jeweler Range – Cosmonauts Titanium
Jeweler Range – Aerospace Titanium
Jeweler Range – Star Gold
Jeweler Range – Glamorous Gold
Jeweler Range – Brass Gold
Jeweler Range – Graceful Gold
Jeweler Range – Canyon Copper
Jeweler Range – Galactic Diamond
AluDesign – Black Bronze Hexagon
AluDesign – Silver Diamonds
AluDesign – Colour stripes
EuraDesign – Expanded Metal Design
EuraDesign – Red Porphyry
EuraDesign – Hexagon Design
EuraDesign – Abstract Grass
EuraDesign – Wave Design
EuraDesign – Dots Orange
EuraDesign – Medium Carbon White
EuraDesign Full Matte – Carbon
EuraDesign – Carbon
EuraDesign Full Matte – Carbon Zoom
EuraDesign – Carbon Zoom
EuraDesign – Plated Silver
EuraDesign – Plated Gold
EuraDesign – Corten Steel II
EuraDesign – Corten Steel I
EuraDesign – Venetian Plaster
EuraDesign – Black Rust
EuraDesign – Spotted Concrete
EuraDesign – Patina Copper I
EuraDesign – Patina Copper II
EuraDesign – Patina Copper II PVDF
EuraDesign – Patina Copper II Dark
EuraDesign – Patina Copper III
EuraDesign – Patina Copper IV
EuraDesign – Patina Copper V
EuraDesign – Patina Copper VI
EuraDesign – Patina Copper VIII
EuraZinc – Self Weathering Zinc
EuraDesign – Weathered Zinc I
EuraDesign – Weathered Zinc II
EuraDesign – Weathered Zinc IV
EuraDesign – Wood New White Ahorn
EuraDesign – Wood Sunglow Oak
EuraDesign – Wood Eastern Walnut
EuraDesign – Wood Californian Walnut
EuraDesign – Wood Golden Oak
EuraDesign – Wood Mac Walnut
EuraDesign – Wood Colonial Walnut
EuraDesign – Wood Italian Walnut
EuraDesign – Wood Colonial Red
EuraDesign – Stone Carrara White
EuraDesign – Stone Afion Beige
EuraDesign – Stone Balmo II
EuraDesign – Stone Imperial Red
EuraDesign – Stone Impala Grigio
EuraDesign – Stone Impala Nero
EuraDesign – Stone Olivo Verde
EuraMica – Pearl White Expo
EuraMica – Pure White Mica
EuraMica – Onyx Pure White Gold
EuraMica – Onyx White Gold
EuraMica – Onyx White Green
EuraMica – Onyx White Purple
EuraMica – Onyx White Blue
EuraMica – Onyx Kalahari Silver
EuraMica – Onyx Saltlake Silver
EuraMica – Pyrite Gold Silver
EuraMica – Pyrite Gold Grey
EuraMica – Pyrite Bronze Gold
EuraMica – Pyrite Champagne Gold
EuraMica – Pyrite Light Gold
EuraMica – Pyrite Dark Gold
EuraMica – Amethyst Beige Purple Pink
EuraMica – Carnelian Midnight Copper
EuraMica – Carnelian Black Copper
EuraMica – Carnelian Brown Copper
EuraMica – Carnelian Orange Brown
EuraMica – Serpentine Limegreen Pink
EuraMica – Serpentine Limegreen Gold
EuraMica – Sunstone Yellow Pink
EuraMica – Pyrite Gold Red
EuraMica – Pyrite Orange Gold
EuraMica – Brilliant Copper Mica
EuraMica – Coral Soft Orange Gold
EuraMica – Coral Orange Gold
EuraMica – Pyrite Copper Orange Gold
EuraMica – Amethyst Sky Grey
EuraMica – Amestyst Purple Beige
EuraMica – Amethyst Purple Grey
EuraMica – Amethyst Purple Red
EuraMica – Amethyst Purple Blue
EuraMica – Amethyst Salmon Pink
EuraMica – Pyrite Strawberry Gold
EuraMica – Amethyst Purple Goldbrown
EuraMica – Amethyst Violet Goldbrown
EuraMica – Amethyst Heather Violet
EuraMica – Pyrite Rosa Gold
EuraMica – Pyrite Gold Olive
EuraMica – Azurite Golden Green
EuraMica – Pyrite Red Green
EuraMica – Pyrite Dark Grey Green
EuraMica – Pyrite Grey Green Gold
EuraMica – Azurite Green Blue
EuraMica – Azurite Blue Green
EuraMica – Amethyst Ochre Blue
EuraMica – Opal Blue Green
EuraMica – Midnight Blue Pearl
EuraMica – Moonstone Blue Gold
EuraMica – Moonstone Blue Green Gold
EuraMica – Amethyst Silver Purple Green
EuraMica – Amethyst Beige Grey Purple
EuraMica – Bordeaux Purple Green (Low gloss)
EuraMica – Amethyst Bordeaux Purple Green
EuraMica – Moonstone Sparkling Black
EuraDiamond – Silver Topaz
EuraDiamond – Pearl Silver
EuraDiamond – Amethyst Purple
EuraDiamond – Saphire Blue
EuraDiamond – Emerald Green
EuraDiamond – Diamond Black
EuraBuild – Traffic White
EuraBuild – Sparkling White
EuraBuild – Pure White
EuraBuild – Brilliant Champagne Metallic
EuraBuild – Bronze Metallic
EuraBuild – Copper Metallic
EuraBuild – Copper Brown
EuraBuild – Traffic Yellow
EuraBuild – Ferrari Red
EuraBuild – Traffic Red
EuraBuild – Pale Green
EuraBuild –  Fir Green
EuraBuild – Blue Metallic
EuraBuild – Ultramarine Blue
EuraBuild – Grey White
EuraBuild – Silver Metallic
EuraBuild – Brilliant Silver Metallic
EuraBuild – Pebble Grey
EuraBuild – Stone Grey
EuraBuild – Dark Grey Metallic
EuraBuild – Dark Anthracite Metallic
EuraBuild – Anthracite Grey
EuraBuild – Sepia Brown
EuraBuild – Jet Black
EuraBuild – Shark Black
EuraBuild Redzinc PVDF 2L
EuraBuild Quartzinc PVDF 2L
EuraBuild Greenzinc PVDF 2L
EuraBuild Bluezinc PVDF 2L
AluNatur – Redzinc BRUSHED
AluNatur – Quartzinc BRUSHED
AluNatur – Greenzinc BRUSHED
AluNatur – Bluezinc BRUSHED
AluNatur Elox – Anodized BRUSHED
AluNatur Elox – Champagne BRUSHED
AluNatur Elox – Medium Champagne BRUSHED