Airport cladding finishes

Euramax is a specialist coating company that supplies airport envelopes with premium painted aluminum.

First impressions are made in airport terminals when passengers arrive in a country or city. Therefore airport architecture calls for visionary world-renowned architects and builders. For distinctive airport architecture coated aluminum is the most widely-used material. Euramax has a long heritage supplying coated aluminum for airport roof- and facade cladding all over the world. With over 40 years of experience in coil coating, we lead the way in developing a range of products optimized for stunning airport architecture

Why Euramax

  • Premium quality coatings
  • Wide network of panel manufacturers
  • Global supply & support
  • Distinctive range of color & design finishes
  • Design & technical specification support

Architectural support & advice

Our team can advise you on:

  • Custom specifications
  • Choice of coating quality
  • SRI Solar reflection indexes
  • Panel possibilities
  • Production according to ECCA Standards

Coating choice

Euramax offers many finishes specifically developed for airport envelope solutions.

Panel choice

Euramax works with multiple cladding panel producers to offer the desired finishes on all possible cladding panels.