Anodised aluminium (also spelled Anodized Aluminum) is made by electrolytic oxidation in chemical acid to create a protective oxide layer on the surface. Since the 1960s it is a popular architectural building material for among others window frames and facade cladding. Anodised aluminium is available in a number of standardized colors ranging from silver and champagne to bronze and black.


AnoMax is a range of pre-coated finishes on aluminium matching the anodised aluminium colors and standards like EURAS. It stands for a new anodizing awareness that distinguishes itself by high warranties, great color consistency and sustainability. The coatings offer also great flexibility for bending and roll forming resulting in enormous panel versatility. AnoMax finishes are available in multiple colors and glosses and can even be personalized. The combination of the anodised aluminium look with the benefits of coil pre-coated aluminium allows new architectural possibilities. Benefits AnoMax over real anodised aluminium are:

  • Sustainable solution with twice as high recycling content
  • Flexibility for cladding panel bending and roll forming
  • Color stability and consistency
  • Long warranties up to 30 years
  • Price economy

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