Coil coating is an industrial process in which metal and aluminium coils are coated prior to fabrication into end products. In this process the aluminium coil generally is de-coiled, cleaned, pretreated, coated and re-coiled in a continuous operation.

The beginnings of this proces go back to 1950s where the post-World War II era brought a wide range of new industrial coating technologies next to already existent spray painting, anodizing and powder coating.

It is the most advanced method for applying paint to metal. Over the years, the quality of the process was shown by applying it to many products in different industries like the building industry, vehicle industry, etc.

The advantages of coil coating compared to spray painting, anodizing and powder coating are:

  • Cost effective for larger quantities
  • Consistent color and coating layer
  • Superior quality and exterior durability
  • Large choice in finishes and coating qualities
  • Easy formable into cladding panels
  • Most ‘green’ and efficient coating process


Existing since 1969, we focus 100% on coating metal on coil. We are the only coil coater being independent from any aluminium mill or cladding producer. Due to our experience and pride in coating we see ourselves as a painter of innovative finishes on aluminium. We are a premium member of the European Coil Coating Association (ECCA) that confirms our commitment to both the customer and the environment.

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