Coil Coating pride

The process of coil coating started in middle of previous century and the benefits were seen quickly with many ways of application, from automobile to building industry. The technology is evolving day by day and so are the possibilities for the companies using coil coated aluminium and for those producing it. Also called pre-painting, it is an industrial process in which metal and aluminium coils are painted prior to fabrication into end products.

At Euramax, coil coating is more than just a continuous process to produce coated aluminium. More than 40 years of experience allow us to take pride in coil coating and our products. We see ourselves as a painter of the world; creator of innovative products that color different buildings in different corners around the globe. Our passion for color gives us the opportunity to create unique finishes on coil coated aluminium beyond your imagination with the highest quality service.

What makes us so different? We are independent from any aluminium mill and we do not supply our own rood and wall cladding end products. Therefore we can give you a neutral advice on different panel possibilities.  We are also a member of the European Coil Coating Association (ECCA). More information on coil coating and its benefits can be found on

We offer more than 2000 color samples. When none fits your project requirements, we can create any custom color within a week.

The benefits of coil coating

Compared to spray painting, anodizing and powder coating, there are several benefits of the process:

  • Cost savings compared to other coating processes
  • Consistent colour and layer thickness across batches
  • Superior, uniform quality and exterior durability
  • Large choice in colours and coating qualities
  • Easy to handle and shape
  • Most ‘green’ and efficient coating process