Digital AluDesign coating

Times are changing and trends are evolving. Over the years, our experiences have helped us to recognize that sometimes colors and repetitive designs are just not good enough. This was the main reason why we invested in a totally new process – AluDesign. Using digital coating technology we are now able to make any design that architects and designers can develop. The products’ name is AluDesign, but when you look closely at the its logo, you might actually read: All “u” design.

With AluDesign, we offer you 100% freedom of design. It consists of a multi-layer design coating. Our number one priority is finish quality. The high gloss finish shows a phenomenal sharpness and design depth. We also believe in a meaningful relationship between the company and the environment. This is why our production is present in a state-of-art cleanroom environment. This kind of environment prevents dust particles in the surface. Moreover, the specially developed topcoat protects the digital coating against UV and weathering. The result? An excellent exterior durability performance.

When it comes to production, we take pride in the fact that we can produce the largest panel size available in the world. It can measure up to 10.000 x 2.600 mm. With architectural buildings, any image can be applied on the full façade or as an integrated part of a top quality façade. In the recreational vehicles industry, we can supply top level design caravan ranges that are partially or completely printed. In this way, each building or a vehicle receives a differentiating  and colorful look.

And now? Now, it is up to the architects and designers. We believe that AluDesign will change the world of architecture and this is why we challenge them to turn their creative ideas into reality and experience the freedom of design with our AluDesign digital coating.