Recreational vehicles

Caravans and campers with an outer shell of aluminium offer the best appearance and durability compared to other materials. Euramax leads the way in the recreational vehicles industry for over 40 years. We provide our aluminium to all major R.V. manufacturers in Europe, but we also proudly deliver customers in Japan, China, the United States and Australia.

In the caravan industry, our specialist Wide Paint Line enables us to coat 2.630 mm wide aluminium. This XXL size makes it possible that walls and roofs for caravans can be constructed from one single painted sheet and a seam in the sidewall is avoided. Although many people often still perceive R.V.’s as being white, today a lot of our customers produce fantastic vehicles in colored and metallic finishes.

Our Digital Coating line enables vehicle manufacturers to make any digital design with excellent exterior durability. Our AluDesign digital coating product line offers new possibilities in design that enable our customers to reach new market niches.

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Innovative products

AluDesign – Freedom of design

The development of AluDesign unchains a design revolution for recreational vehicles. The excellent exterior durability and UV resistance of AluDesign surpasses every alternative, like stickers and foils. The smoothly painted surface shows up a phenomenal contrast and design depth.

StrongLite – Featherlight aluminium

StrongLite is a revolutionary high strength alloy that offers a lighter and stronger aluminium. Save up to 30% of weight without compromising on strength or make your walls stronger while maintaining the weight balance. StrongLite is the material of the future that enables you to improve your recreational vehicles without compromises.

EuraTallic – Automotive metallics

The EuraTallic range represents multi-layer metallic coatings which are protected by a resistant clearcoat. The result is a brilliant finish according to the latest automotive trends; from silver metallic to blue and gold-bronze metallic. We can develop virtually every metallic finish.

AluTac – Interior finishes

AluTac EASY consists of thin gauge pre-primered aluminium with an EASY-TO-USE adhesive layer that is covered by a release liner. AluTac EASY allows a quick, clean and efficient way of working when it comes to interior finishing.