Transportation components

Transportation components from aluminium by Euramax are used for interior and exterior applications in the transportation industry. Our XXL aluminium can be used for different transportation components. These include wall, ceiling and floor panels in containers, buses, trains and truck trails. The use of aluminium transportation vehicle components in these transportation vehicles maximizes efficiency and minimized costs.

Our coated aluminium is a recognized quality product for transportation vehicle components that offers 100% recyclability. The wide range of durable automotive finishes has many benefits. It is not only corrosion resistance and easy to clean, but also available in virtually any colour and even custom or corporate fleet colours.

Our coil coating experience enables us to supply both standard coil (up to 1.600 mm wide) and  XXL wide coils and sheets (up to 2.630mm). They are ideal for one-piece wall and roof cladding applications.

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StrongLite – Featherlight aluminium

StrongLite is a revolutionary high strength alloy that offers a lighter and stronger aluminium. Save up to 30% of weight without compromising on strength or make your walls stronger while maintaining the weight balance.

Wide coil – Uni-colours & metallics

With our unique Wide Paint Line we can supply XXL wide coils up to 2.630 mm. A wide selection of coating systems are available in custom colours. These well-established coatings are known for their smooth appearance, durability, spot- repairability and superb UV-resistance.

AluDesign – Freedom of design

AluDesign offers a multi-layer digital print coating with a protective clearcoat on aluminum sheets up to 10.000 x 2.630 mm. The excellent exterior durability and UV resistance of AluDesign surpasses every alternative, like stickers and foils. The smoothly painted surface shows up a phenomenal contrast and design depth, enabling true freedom of design.