Brushed aluminium

Brushed aluminium is a modern architectural building material. It goes through a process of brushing where the metal is polished to a unidirectional satin finish. The problem with uncoated brushed aluminium is the low corrosion resistance due to the scratches. To solve this problem for exterior building applications, we developed a special coating that protects the surface of the brushed aluminium.

AluNatur – Coated brushed aluminium

Our AluNatur Brushed collection highlights its natural beauty of brushed aluminium while exterior application is assured with semi-transparent coatings that are applied by coil coating. This protective clearcoat offers a 20 year exterior warranty making it ideal for facade cladding applications.

Our AluNatur collection offers not only a natural transparent finish but also distinctive semi-transparent colored finishes from champagne to gold. Herewith we are offering a noteworthy color collection that lets your imagination wonder and fills the space with pure elegance.

For optimal use all our AluNatur finishes on brushed aluminium can be transformed into any facade cladding panel. Wether you want to choose for aluminium composite panels, sandwich panels, shingles or siding cassettes. All are possible with our AluNatur finishes as final finish.

Benefits AluNatur:

  • Coated for exterior application
  • Color stability and consistency
  • Long warranties up to 30 years
  • Available on all cladding panel types

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AluNatur  Redzinc BRUSHED
AluNatur  Quartzinc BRUSHED
AluNatur  Greenzinc BRUSHED
AluNatur  Bluezinc BRUSHED
AluNatur Elox  Anodized BRUSHED
AluNatur Elox  Champagne BRUSHED
AluNatur Elox  Pale Umber BRUSHED
AluNatur Elox  Umber TL
AluNatur HDP  Champagne BRUSHED
AluNatur  HDP Bright TL
AluNatur HDP  Zinc Green BRUSHED
AluNatur  Champagne TL
AluNatur  Dark Champagne TL
AluNatur  Dark Champagne BRUSHED
AluNatur  New Gold BRUSHED Satin
AluNatur  New Gold BRUSHED
AluNatur  Orange Gold BRUSHED
AluNatur   Brass TL
AluNatur  Brass BRUSHED
AluNatur  New Red BRUSHED
AluNatur  Light Copper TL
AluNatur  Red Copper TL
AluNatur  Red Brown TL
AluNatur   Red Brown BRUSHED
AluNatur  Intense Red BRUSHED (Interior only)
AluNatur  Intense Green BRUSHED (Interior only)
AluNatur  Sky Blue TL
AluNatur PUR-PA  Champagne BRUSHED
AluNatur  Bright TL
AluNatur  Bright BRUSHED
AluNatur  Smoke TL
AluNatur  Anodized TL
AluNatur  Anodized BRUSHED
AluNatur  Titanium TL
AluNatur  Titanium BRUSHED
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