Architectural metal cladding

Architectural metal cladding is the collective term for exterior building cladding made from coated metal. In the last decades metal became one of the most popular building materials for the building envelope among architects and builders. Metal is the most energy-efficient and sustainable building materials available. Next to this it is almost completely recyclable and current metal coils contain a high recycling content up to 95%.

Most of the metal cladding for the building industry is pre-painted in coil prior to the production of the cladding panels. Metal cladding is used for both protection from environmental factors and aesthetics of the building. The paint applied by coil coating gives the metal more durability, corrosion resistance and final appearance.

Colorful architectural metal cladding

What is a building without color? Color adds beauty and distinctiveness to our world. That’s why our mission is to color the world and make it a more beautiful and inspiring place to live in. We enable architects and builders to create these colorful buildings with distinctive color possibilities for the metal cladding. The costs for special coated metal cladding are only a small part of the complete building costs, while it can make a huge difference in appearance.

Why Euramax?

We have been present on the market as an independent coil coater since 1969. We supply our high quality coated metals to the leading roof- and facade cladding manufacturers all over the world. Because of this our coated metal is available on every architectural metal cladding panel available. With metal cladding coated by Euramax there is a wide variety of color & design finishes available for every architectural design in multiple paint qualities (PE, HDP, PUR-PA, PVDF). Every single coil that we paint is on request and herewith every finish customizable to your wishes and needs.

Out coated metal has proven itself on the largest metal buildings in the world in the hardest environmental conditions: Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi and King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah.

  • 100% coil coating since 1969
  • Distinctive and customizable color & design finishes
  • All finishes can be applied on all types of cladding panels
  • Architectural support & specification office
  • Premium quality with long warranties
  • Free aluminium color samples


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Color possibilities

MirrorLite  Matt
MirrorLite  Bright
AnoMax Ultra Matt  Euras C0 Silver
AnoMax  Silver Euras C0
AnoMax  Silver Bronze Euras C31
AnoMax  Light Bronze Euras C32
AnoMax  Middle Bronze Euras C33
AnoMax  Dark Bronze Euras C34
AnoMax  Black Euras C35
AnoMax Ultra Matt  Silver Bronze Euras C31
AnoMax Ultra Matt  Light Bronze Euras C32
AnoMax Ultra Matt  Euras C33 Middle Bronze
AnoMax Ultra Matt  Dark Bronze Euras C34
AnoMax Ultra Matt  Black Euras C35
AnoMax  Anodized Red Elox
AnoMax Ultra Matt  Anodized Light Gold
AnoMax  Ultra Matt Anodized Autumn
AnoMax  Alnecolan C2 Bronze
AnoMax  Anolok B713 Light Blue Grey
AnoMax Ultra Matt  Anodized Grey Black
EuraTex  Design Mica Glistening Snow
EuraTex Ultra Rough  Frosted Silver Blue
EuraTex  Design Zinc Flowers Gold
EuraTex  Design Slate Stone Black
EuraTex Rough  Signal White
EuraTex Rough  Grey White
EuraTex Rough  Sandstone Beige
EuraTex Rough  Sandstone Yellow
EuraTex Rough  Ivory
EuraTex Rough  Patina Copper
EuraTex Rough  Greenstone
EuraTex Rough  Emerald Blue
EuraTex Rough  Tenzanite Crystal
EuraTex Rough  Ocean Blue
EuraTex Rough  Oxide Matt Red
EuraTex Rough  Garnet Red
EuraTex Rough  Amber
EuraTex Rough  Fire Opal
EuraTex Rough  Corten Red
EuraTex Rough  Corten Light Brown
EuraTex Rough  Corten Dark Brown
EuraTex Rough  Corten Brown
Many more...
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