Zinc cladding by Euramax

Using zinc on buildings looks good but the weight of the metal can be a problem during construction. Euramax has come up with a great alternative in the form of a zinc cladding. For this purpose we use aluminum based metals with a cladding containing zinc. Through this method it is possible to create the natural weathered look that comes with zinc but without the weight. The zinc cladding is also much more price attractive than real zinc while the product is comparable in durability.

Zinc cladding to finish your aluminum

EuraZinc is a unique self weathering zinc finish in pre-coated aluminum. Zinc particles in the topcoat allow the coating to change over time from an initial light grey finish to a dark and natural weathered zinc finish. Cladding saves over half of the weight in comparison to real zinc. It allows you to fully exploit the cladding versatility of pre-coated aluminum. Whether you choose for aluminum composite panels, insulated panels or trapezoidal profiles; all are new combinations re-inventing and re-shaping the possibilities of zinc.

Zinc to a whole new level

The AluNatur Zinc series is a new color range that reflects the trend for pigment colored surfaces in traditional zinc. This cladding is the perfect alternative when you are looking for a durable and price attractive product that shows up the same natural beauty as pigmented zinc.
The zinc cladding is available in Transparent Lacquering (TL) and Brushed aluminium substrates ranging from 0.5 up to 1.5 mm thickness.

Benefit over real zinc

  • Price attractive
  • Save 60% of weight
  • Cladding versatility of pre-coated aluminum

Just as with real zinc the weathering of the cladding completely depends on local climate conditions.The weathering behavior may also slightly vary for different sections of the building. Find out about all the benefits of this versatile and price worthy cladding with the look of the real thing.

EuraZinc - Weathering zinc finishes

EuraZinc is a unique self-weathering zinc coating on aluminum. Real zinc-particles in the topcoat allow the surface to weather over time from an initial light grey finish to a dark and natural weathered zinc finish.

EuraZinc offers you all the benefits and the favorable price of pre-coated aluminum. Fully exploit the cladding versatility and flexibility and save over 60% of weight in comparison to real zinc. EuraZinc enables a weathering zinc finish on cladding systems like standing seam, cassettes, sandwich panels or aluminum profiles.

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Available color samples for EuraZinc - Weathering zinc finishes

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EuraZinc  Self Weathering Zinc


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Color possibilities

MirrorLite  Matt
MirrorLite  Bright
AnoMax Ultra Matt  Euras C0 Silver
AnoMax  Silver Euras C0
AnoMax  Silver Bronze Euras C31
AnoMax  Light Bronze Euras C32
AnoMax  Middle Bronze Euras C33
AnoMax  Dark Bronze Euras C34
AnoMax  Black Euras C35
AnoMax Ultra Matt  Silver Bronze Euras C31
AnoMax Ultra Matt  Light Bronze Euras C32
AnoMax Ultra Matt  Euras C33 Middle Bronze
AnoMax Ultra Matt  Dark Bronze Euras C34
AnoMax Ultra Matt  Black Euras C35
AnoMax  Anodized Red Elox
AnoMax Ultra Matt  Anodized Light Gold
AnoMax  Ultra Matt Anodized Autumn
AnoMax  Alnecolan C2 Bronze
AnoMax  Anolok B713 Light Blue Grey
AnoMax Ultra Matt  Anodized Grey Black
EuraTex  Design Mica Glistening Snow
EuraTex Ultra Rough  Frosted Silver Blue
EuraTex  Design Zinc Flowers Gold
EuraTex  Design Slate Stone Black
EuraTex Rough  Signal White
EuraTex Rough  Grey White
EuraTex Rough  Sandstone Beige
EuraTex Rough  Sandstone Yellow
EuraTex Rough  Ivory
EuraTex Rough  Patina Copper
EuraTex Rough  Greenstone
EuraTex Rough  Emerald Blue
EuraTex Rough  Tenzanite Crystal
EuraTex Rough  Ocean Blue
EuraTex Rough  Oxide Matt Red
EuraTex Rough  Garnet Red
EuraTex Rough  Amber
EuraTex Rough  Fire Opal
EuraTex Rough  Corten Red
EuraTex Rough  Corten Light Brown
EuraTex Rough  Corten Dark Brown
EuraTex Rough  Corten Brown
Many more...
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