Specification and Warranty

Premium warranty

We have a large product portfolio and offer probably the widest range of colours in the market. However, our most important benefit is our commitment to product quality. That strong quality claim is supported by long warranties.

The choice for a paint type (resins like PVDF/FEVE/PUR-PA/HDP/PE)  is often a result of a combination of needs like; abrasive-, scratch- and chemical resistance, durability, UV resistance and aesthetic wishes. Generally, there is a solution for every request.

Warranty conditions depend mainly on paint type in combination with the actual situation of application. Different coatings and geographical areas lead to different warranty periods and conditions.

We offer four different warranty labels with different conditions. The overview above is a high level indication of warranty periods grouped per paint type. Actual warranties are offered on project specific basis. Request more details on our warranty conditions with your Area Sales Manager.