Sustainable aluminium coil

Aluminium is known as the material of the future due to its many benefits. We paint about 25.000 km² of metal per year of which the vast majority consists of aluminium coil. Aluminium is made from bauxite which is one of the earth’s most abundantly available elements. The aluminium coils are 100% recyclable without losing quality and recycling is done at only 5% of the energy needed of primary aluminium production. Today, over 95% of products made of aluminium are recycled at end of life. Aluminium is lightweight, strong and flexible. This makes aluminium the solution for a more fuel efficient future (

Green aluminium coil coating process

We believe that a better world starts with ourselves and our actions to make our environment more friendly for us and for the future generations. We have taken our responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint in our coil coating process for coated aluminium. To maximize efficiency and to minimize waste Euramax has an automated “closed loop” production process with incineration installations, chrome-free production and own water purification installations. Euramax does not only meet the strict European regulations and emission norms, but is more than 10 years ahead of it.

BREEAM & LEED building efficiency

Aluminium is highly appreciated in the building industry for its long lifetime, low maintenance and the contribution to the energy efficiency of buildings. Aluminium coils have a high strength-to-weight ratio which enables lighter building constructions for supporting the roof and facade cladding. It has a solar reflection of up to 95% which can lead to a lower energy consumption. Euramax coated aluminium enables high ratings in the energy efficiency of building. Euramax has a track record of reference buildings with high LEED and BREEAM energy efficiency ratings.