Versailles’ stunning University Library

Versailles’ stunning University Library

The new Science Library at the University of Versailles is built on the heritage site of the famous Palace of Versailles. This implies many building rules that prescribe the building to fit in the historical environment. The design by Badia Berger Architects therefor is clinging to the existing paths and slope of the gardens.

The exterior facade is like a ribbed-shell covering the rough concrete core of the building. This ribbed-shell exterior cladding is realised with aluminium trapezoidal profiles coated by Euramax. The architect used an ‘AluNatur Champagne Brushed’ finish to capture the reflections of the trees, sky and sun. This finish consists of a semi-transparent coating on brushed aluminium. The beautiful reflections make the building perfectly blend in its historical surroundings.


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Cladding panel:

Euramax - Aluminium trapezoidal panel